Monitoring services

Electrotécnica, in order to ensure the continuity of its customers' businesses, incorporates in its portfolio of services: remote real-time monitoring solutions, the operation and performance of the critical operation variables of the equipment, with a customer service center of calls 24/7.

Upon receiving notification about an event of the equipment and services, the status is verified and the activities necessary to solve the problem are developed.

By means of monitoring cards installed in the mission critical electromechanical equipment, the assistance center of the Electrotechnical Group can monitor its condition in real time. At the precise moment when a device presents an alarm in its operation, it sends a report, which is displayed on the screens of the monitoring center.

The dedicated staff executes the assistance procedure to optimize the attention of this eventuality, and is sent to the specialist technical team to the site, in order to solve the eventuality present in the machines.

Through the call center, the customer accesses first-hand attention from qualified operators, who will indicate how to solve some events on the equipment by telephone.

The Electrotechnical Group, through the 24/7 service center, has an assistance telephone number, in case of emergencies (800-CRITICO). When technical assistance is required on the site, operators transfer the call to the technical staff who will appear to resolve the eventuality.