Preventive and predictive maintenance

The preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance modalities cover all the activities carried out by trained technical personnel, whose main objective is to guarantee the continuous operation of critical systems, be they UPS, air conditioners, power plants or any other. Such maintenance prevents a failure or an unscheduled stoppage from happening.

To provide these services in the best way and in compliance with the most demanding international standards, Grupo Electrotécnica has technical personnel and engineers trained directly in the factory, and offers its clients this experience acquired by the technicians, through service contracts.

Preventive Maintenance:

It is a maintenance based on regular inspections of the machines, in a planned, programmed and controlled manner, in order to anticipate wear and functional failures. It consists of preventing or correcting the deterioration suffered in a device, due to variables such as normal use, weather, or failures of an accessory that does not affect the main function, while the activities are carried out providing that the equipment has major failures.

In the preventive maintenance tasks the condition of the equipment is analyzed to determine other interventions of the technicians: cleaning and lubrication of parts, replacement of fans, replacement of indicator lights, reviews of the general condition of the equipment, among others.

The staff of Grupo Electrotécnica, in its different areas of operation, has extensive experience in the handling, repair and knowledge of mission-critical systems, which guarantees the continuous, efficient, safe and reliable operation of the equipment. In addition, there is a vehicular fleet that empowers coverage throughout the country.

Predictive Maintenance:

It is one of the most widespread strategies worldwide, and is based on the periodic measurement of the variables that determine the condition of the equipment, while they are operating (hot operation). For its execution, specialized techniques and tools are used, which detect failures prematurely, and develop actions to correct them. It must be planned and requires training in the use of the tools and in the interpretation of the results.

As part of the tasks that Grupo Electrotécnica performs in its maintenance processes, there are: measurement of electrical variables, oil analysis, vibration analysis, thermography, among others.

Just as doctors recommend blood tests to confirm that the body is in the best conditions, predictive maintenance consists of constant measurement and monitoring of all critical variables that can affect the operation of a device, or the electrical infrastructure of a building. These variables include: voltage, current, temperature, vibration, pressure, among others, which are verified by technicians and stored in a software, to analyze the trend of the variable and the probability of failure. All this is done with the latest technology equipment and computer programs designed exclusively for such purposes.