Structured cabling

Such a system is a flexible wiring infrastructure, which can accept and support multiple communication and data transmission systems.

It consists of the laying of twisted pair cables UTP / STP, fiber optic, its accessories and channeling, clamping and guarding devices, which meet the requirements of the norms and standards stipulated by the industry inside a building, with the in order to implement a local area network.

Electrotécnica manages these projects with a wide line of fiber optic and copper cables from the best manufacturers, which guarantees the correct execution of the projects and a very competitive quality - price ratio.

The services provided by Electrotécnica include:

  • Design and specifications of a completely new system, structured cabling for voice, data and video services.
  • Reinstallation, expansion or remodeling of an existing structured cabling network.
  • Design and installation of the pipes for the support of a determined structured cabling network.
  • Design, construction and conditioning of spaces or areas for the installation of telecommunications equipment or systems, auxiliary systems and distributors of structured cabling networks.
  • Design and installation of a new data network.
  • Reinstall existing wiring.
  • Changes, movements and extensions.
  • Update of obsolete cabling systems to modern technologies.

Electrotécnica has a qualified team certified by the most important manufacturers in this sector, a large vehicle fleet, the right tools for the installation of this type of infrastructure and the latest technology certification equipment -calibrated at least once a year-, to ensure proper installation.