Success Stories

Regional experience

Significant effort is dedicated to servicing
a regional market with increasingly globalized 
trade relations and needs, with projects in
Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Nicaragua;

we exercise best practices for comprehensive 
critical operation solutions, including 
professional advice and reliable,
highly qualified technical support.


We guarantee business continuity of your operations

Grupo Electrotecnica is the market leader in products and services for protecting critical systems, and it is recognized for its innovation, quality, broad expertise, and highly qualified human resources. 


4 decades of leadership

Founded in 1975, in San Jose, Costa Rica. For more than 40 years it has specialized in marketing solutions for applications that require high availability and reliability. 

Let's do business

Have you ever questioned how efficient is your data center? Or, what does five minutes of downtime represent to your business?

We are pleased to be your strategic partner and business consultant in technological innovation. We invite you to become acquainted with all the products and services that we offer for the efficient management of mission-critical centers.

Optimize your investments and take advantage of all the support and consultancy that Grupo Electrotecnica makes available 
to you.